It’s not a fantasy, it’s all real with a little sparkle!

Hi, I’m Pooja. Working as a Software Engineer, I also get inclined toward those artsy books, creepy movies, destination travels and flavorful food. And if you’re in the same horizon, let’s build a community together 🙂

STRASBOURG – my one day trip to a beautiful city in France!

“I dreamt of a fantasy land with colorful houses and flowery cakes.” – This is what I felt when I visited one of the most beautiful city in France. It was a Sunday, when the weather gods showered their love with a very warm weather. And then an impromptu plan was made to visit Strasbourg […]

Evolution of mind during a pandemic

We witnessed digitilization and how ? So closely that a view of human existence scares us. In the year 2020, there was a dawn of the most dangerous virus named COVID-19, which proved to be a disaster on the planet. Let’s skim over the pages in our lives where the timelines can be referred to […]

Spicy Boneless Chicken Curry – A Wednesday Nosh

Lunch was quite heavy for me today, so my husband decided to cook some soup for dinner. For me chicken was never an obvious preference but lately it has been one. When I was scrolling down my YT feed, those food recipes just popped open and I couldn’t resist but search for boneless chicken recipe, […]


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