STRASBOURG – my one day trip to a beautiful city in France!

“I dreamt of a fantasy land with colorful houses and flowery cakes.” – This is what I felt when I visited one of the most beautiful city in France. It was a Sunday, when the weather gods showered their love with a very warm weather. And then an impromptu plan was made to visit Strasbourg from Germany. I know there must be many people who wouldn’t have heard about the city(well I was one among them! ). But when I got an extra day added to my three-day vacation, all my research lead to this picturesque city. And I definitely do not regret it.

Gare de Strasbourg – city railway station

After a lot of to/fro and confusion between changing stations, we manage to reach Strasbourg’s main railway station around 12:30, so technically we had almost around 6 hours with us to explore the city. Obviously this isn’t enough to cover the entire city but fortunately the places which we wanted to visit was pretty close to each other, so we were able to get hold of most of the touristy places within few hours. But if you’re ever planning to visit Strasbourg, I would definitely recommend 2 complete days to stay in the city and experience it’s culture. One thing which is worth mentioning to me is that the moment I got out of the main railway station and rolled my eyes around, I could definitely feel I was in FRANCE(that was my yay moment :D)!

Why is Strasbourg famous ?

  1. First and foremost, man! it’s damn beautiful. If you’re a first time visitor then you’ll be carried away by the architectural heritage which is heavily romantic and influenced by Roman, Medieval eras. The city cuts through many waterways, beautiful flower bouquet like plants hanging in the balconies. At every step of the city, you would want to stop and capture the memory through a photograph.

2. For many who don’t know, Strasbourg is declared as a UNESCO’s world heritage site. In 1988, “Strasbourg – Grande-Ile” was inscribed a first time on UNESCO’s prestigious World Heritage List. This list gathers cultural and natural sites for their outstanding value. 

3. Strasbourg plays a major role as a business, commercial, and cultural centre. Besides its traditional role as the chief city of Alsace, Strasbourg is also the seat of a number of European institutions and bodies including the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, and the European Court of Human Rights.

What to visit in Strasbourg in a day!

  1. The magnificient Cathédrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg should be in your list if you’re visiting for the first time.

2. La Petite France, Strasbourg

Petite France is the city’s lively tourist hub, known for cobblestone streets, canals, and well-preserved half-timbered homes like the Tanners’ House, built in 1572. A terrace atop the 17th-century Barrage Vauban, a covered bridge and dam, offers panoramic views. Alsatian eateries dot the area, while shops on and around Grand’Rue sell clothing and souvenirs such as crockery, wine, and specialty teas. It’s the most picturesque city in Old Strasbourg.

3. If you’re in France then how can you forget the bakeries, it’s tasty pastries, the mouth-watering cakes, on-point croissants and a lot more. I tried Amorino’s gelato ice-cream and a cheesecake from Maison Du Kougelhopf. I would highly recommend the cheesecake from Maison Du Kougelhopf. It was the best cheesecake I have ever had in my life! All those shiny little adjectives that you hear for a cake in Masterchef shows, like light as feather or melts like snow. Yes, that cheesecake was everything 😀

4. I witnessed the very sharp and most notable architecture in the Ponts Couverts. These are a set of three bridges and four towers that make up a defensive work erected in the 13th century on the River Ill in the city of Strasbourg in France. The three bridges cross the four river channels of the River Ill that flow through Strasbourg’s historic Petite France quarter. The Ponts Couverts have been classified as a Monument historique since 1928.(courtesy: wiki)

courtesy: google

The experience

Whether a visitor’s interests lean towards art, architecture or music, Strasbourg offers plenty of cultural opportunities. It’s filled with youth and vibrant ambience. It’s as picturesque as you see in a movie. If you have less time but you would like to experience a slice of France, then Strasbourg is for you!

Narrow streets, those timbered houses, a cheesecake on my side, in front of La Petite France, in an intimate romantic atmosphere – that’s my experience, please do share yours if you ever visit 🙂

Au Revoir!

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