Alice in Quarantine

Down the rabbit hole!

The white little rabbit with a waistcoat warned the year 2020 would become a scam for Alice. Alice follows the white rabbit and ends up in a rabbit hole with buildings and big doors filled with numerous opportunity to grow. Qurantining and self-isolation became more ambitious than dreamy careers and imaginary travels.

There’s no caterpillar asking who Alice is, unless she is dreaming. There’s no Mary Ann mistaking her identity, unless she is imagining. All the curiosity of Alice lies in finding what’s in store for the day next. What Alice does, is to kneel down and find the rabbit passage way which leads to a rat hole and not a wonderland garden. Wearing a tight corset with chest tight, Alice finds stiffness and awkwardness comfortable. Every night, she goes into a kaleidoscope where the world is bright and the moment she figures out the pattern, it shifts. Alice struggles to find that little door but she desires to shrink for anyone to notice. There’s no cake here to help Alice find the key but there’s a little anxiousness to survive.

Alice is stuck in March Hare’s house, where the mad hatter and dormhouse are having tea together perpetually stuck in time forever. She realises the world like March Hare, is stuck forever in doing monotonics. She has become more tired now trying to search a way out of the rabbit hole. She was asked to be on the stand since disobeyed all the “it’s too easy”, “being dramatic”, “stop being lazy”, “everything’ll be alright”, she replies with “How silly” in her head thinking it’s a ‘normal’ everyday.

When the Queen asks “Do you have anxiety ?”, Alice says “Yes”. The Queen demands “Let me win in this game by being more anxious or else I’ll have your head”, Alice tries her best to make her win but it never leaves her. The Queen cries “Off the head!”, just then the trumpet sounds high and ends the imaginary court session. Alice is waiting for a tap on her shoulder, soon to make her realise it’s all real.

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