Let’s talk food[Part-3]: A brunch at Nasi and Mee!

Last week, I had one of my friend from Hyderabad visiting to Bangalore. As a ritual, four of us gathered at a place for lunch and to our bad luck the restaurant was closed. After minutes of pestering about various restaurants nearby, we closed upon on Nasi and Mee. Having our dignified conversations on the very ongoing situations in our country, we paved our way to the restaurant.

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Nasi and Mee, also known as Rice and Noodles in Bahasa, is a place famous for varied south east asian cuisine. Once you get the menu on hand, I vouch for the fact that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Usually on a holiday there might be chances to be on waiting, but it might be casual on a weekday. We hardly waited for 5 minutes when we landed on a corner table with a not so soft sunlight gazing down through the big palette glass window. We went through the menu, and the first thought was about dimsums. TBH! dimsums always comes to my mind when I visit an asian restaurant as that is the most dwell upon asian food in India. While one among us wanted something different on his buds, we planned on sushi too.

Prawn sesame sushi

I was mostly excited to try the Nasi lemak Istimewa. Nasi lemak is a malaysian originated dish and also it is considered as Malaysia’s national dish. It includes rice infused with cocunut water, sambal ikan bilis, cucumber, peanuts, rendang chicken and an omelette on top. Two things to be known about are: sambal ikan bilis and rendang chicken.

Sambal Ikan Bilis is the most popular dish which is suggested to be had with Nasi Lemak. Basically it’s a chilly paste with dried anchovies and shrimp. From the taste I believe, there was tamarind too. When I did my research on this, I found out it can also be tasted as sandwich paste.
Rendang Chicken is again one of the authentic asian dish which can be cooked with any of the meat. This dish includes the process of slowly cooking the meat and infusing it with rendang powder until the dish caramelizes and feels rich of spices.

Along with Nasi Lemak we had also ordered Nasi goreng, which is basically rice cooked with meat pieces and vegetables. You can also identify it as Indonesian version of fried rice.

Nasi Goreng

At Nasi and Mee, I believe the menu is finely crafted with a spectrum of Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian and Japanese dishes which will make you feel different not only with respect to the food choices but also how the recipes have been created very selectively focusing on the quality. It was my second visit to the restaurant, the very first visit was not satisfying for me since I didn’t have the taste bud developed towards asian cuisines. But this time it was a beautiful diversified experience as my taste for food have been greatly evolving.

I would definitely recommend this to everyone who is visiting bangalore to explore 🙂

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