[Movie-Series: Part-1] Top 5 must watch horror in 2019

Hello everyone,

If you have slightest inclination towards human creativity and art, then this article is a must read-through. Before moving on to the topic, I would like to share that movies have always played an important role in my development, be it in terms of communication or creating a vision for diversified culture. Now that I am writing about one of my most favourite genre, I am pretty nervous if I can put it out there well about my obsession and craze. Horror is one of a kind for me. It got me attracted when I used to watch those sloppy hindi horror movies, every thursday in a specific channel. I knew there was something in those movies. Be it the feeling of fear, suspense or something unnatural, I got glued to television whenever there was something from horror being displayed.

In my brain, I categorise HORROR into three different categories:
a. Supernatural – These movies display things which are not man-made, it’s unnatural as I mentioned. They don’t have human control and it all seems imagination. The classics such as Sixth Sense, The Conjuring or Rosemary’s baby describes this genre best, obviously there are many more attached.
b. Scientific – It showcases everything about man-made monsters. Aliens, 10th Cloverfield Lane or Hollow Man would definitely vouch for it. It creates a different feeling all-together. The feeling of ‘what’s happening’, ‘what’s next’ and ‘humans over-do’. To be honest, I do not really enjoy this side of horror but would definitely prefer this on a halloween mood.
c. Psychological – And this my friend, dominates the genre. Whichever genre you pick, a touch of it is sure to enhance the movie. Psycho, Taxi Driver, Creep, Creep 2 and many more. I cannot stop raving about it though. It’s a variety which acts like a spice on your favourite base. My personal favourite is the Supernatural ones, but it’s rare to see any such movie now a days without a psycho being involved, the popular one being The Shining.

Without making the blog too long, I would like to move on to the next set of categories which includes my list of 5 must watch horror this year.
PS: It is possible you might not have heard about it. But again that’s the point of creating this blog, spreading awareness about the unknown 😉 Also a tad bit of spoiler but nothing major exposed.

5. Hell Fest

Never, I mean it, never ever get into critics opinion when you’re planning to watch a slasher or a teen-scream movie, after all “Critics ain’t got no chill”. I consider these movies as no-brainer. I caught hold of Hell Fest when I logged in to my Netflix a day before yesterday. It is a perfect slasher movie where the guy follows a girl and in the mid-way all her friends get killed. This movie captures your attention from the very first minute, you know, the background story which every horror almost have. Also like most of the slashers, it doesn’t have that cheap soundtrack or bad acting. It makes a perfect kind of a movie to enjoy with your bunch of friends on a Friday night.

4. 13 Cameras

I watched this movie today itself and thought to include it. Well the other one lost it’s feature here 😛 but may be I can add it in another blog post. After watching this, I can make sure you would be more conscious about your landlords, neighbours or surroundings. The movie from the beginning itself gives a creepy vibe. I think it’s one of the creepiest movie I have seen, not better than Creep though. This movie would definitely be an odd choice, but it makes the watch worthwhile. I consider Neville Archambault who plays the creepy landlord as an emerging winner. He make the scenes scarier because of his presence. This low budget piece makes quite a piece for an eye by creating a debauchee figurine over a couple. It’s a must for beginners who would like to watch slow-burner .

3. In Fear

The only reason I wanted to watch this was because of the Ireland woods. Since I would be moving to Ireland next year, I just got more intrigued to know the locations, the characters showcased and the kind of psychotic people the country can have[not funny but the fact] . When you start this, you would be more anxious about the fact of what is going to happen with the couple travelling to a music festival in Ireland. The way the screenplay is done gives you chill in few of the moments. The feeling I had when the movie started was not same towards the climax. Anyways, this mysterious journey of the couple’s road trip and their encounter with a psycho would definitely give you an intense experience. As the name suggests, it will keep you in fear with it’s narrowed plot.

2. Hereditary

Literally, freaking one of a kind movie. Somewhere I read, it’s Exorcist of the new generation, but I wouldn’t think so. This movie is hell of a big deal. It breaks all the boundaries of horror. Whenever you speak about artistic fear, Hereditary has to hit your brain. Toni Collette steals the show here. The expressions on her face is itself a movie. What will get you hooked to the screen is how the plot unfolds. From a family driven storyline to control freak horror. I loved it to bits and pieces. Nothing to say here, just watch!

1. Backcountry

If you want to feel the fear, be anxious, feel threatened and experience the atmosphere, then this is the perfect movie to hold on to. We have heard bear stories in our school days but making something out of it is truly amazing! I bet you to have a single moment when you would like to leave the screen and go. It showcases how a deadly situation morphs into survival instinct. A subtle art with palpable atmospheric scenes. It made me feel satisfyingly intense watch and literally gripping performances. This is one of a movie which can make you feel the nature in a good way and also how it turns out to be painful. I have to mark it as my best Netflix horror watch!

That’s it for the blog. I would love to do more on movies but definitely when there’s something great to add 🙂

The comment section is always free for suggestions, please feel free and friendly to drop some 🙂

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