An afternoon in Dyu Art Cafe

Bangalore is a city filled with theme-based cafes and restaurants. Amid the city hustling if you want to spent your day at a peaceful surrounding, Dyu Art Cafe is the place to visit. Located at the busiest part of the city, Kormangala, the cafe offers great food apart from a serene ambience.

The first time you visit this place, you would enter into a room filled with amazing hand drawings and paintings. You can take some time to explore the creativity around this place. During the day time, you can find people working from here, having their office discussions or meeting held. If you ever visit during evenings, then the cafe is filled with youngsters and couples chilling out. I would always prefer to visit here definitely during monsoons, since it will give you Cochin or a Kerela vibe.

I am a person of great taste :D. I would never compromise with the taste of food I get into my body in any of the restaurants. With great taste comes great reviews is what they say, smart isn’t it? Anyways, at this cafe I had few good options which I would always recommend. I started with some fries and california fried chicken. Later in the main course, I preferred some grilled fish which was accompanied with some spinach and butter.

I walked out of this place with a happy heart and food-filled tummy and I promise so will you guys.

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