Who Am I?

Hi to all the readers and thank you so much for taking some time to read my blogs. I am Pooja Mahapatra, from a small city named Odisha, which is part of the eastern India.

Starting from my school days, because it would be quite short since there is nothing much to talk about[pun intended]. My childhood days were nothing but all about introvertism(grabbing attention was not my cup of tea). But somehow I found I was all happy while dancing and hosting events. Dancing has always been at back of my head since my school days, but people whom I met after school wouldn’t believe this. It was because of my participation in events at school which brought out the inner confidence in me and made me feel my worth. I wasn’t a great student but I was never bothered about it, also till now I don’t regret about any of my less scores. All hells of my confidence broke loose when I got into public speaking. I started taking them seriously and participated in speaking events. Speaking infront of hundreds made me feel confident enough to explore more in my high school.

My high school journey will always be special to me because I realised the importance of friendship. I made friends for life who are still there and I could rely on them for anything. I explored a different side to life in my high school since my school days were quite boring and also those were the days where parents were all focused on scores and everything revolved around marks. School was narrow and High School was broad to me. I had ‘Fun’ for real.

Wrapping my high school, I moved on and took up an engineering course in Computer Science. I was quite good at it, though there were few computer subjects where I lacked my knowledge and was quite difficult to grasp in the beginning. Now, I enjoy it. I am not the best at it but I do really enjoy it. My engineering days were golden, yes not silver but golden 😀 . I started the process of discovering myself in those days, which I believe. Those were the times, where I had the feeling I had everything, literally everything except the ‘MONEY’. Also during my graduation, I realised how much I enjoy reading and writing as hobbies.

Then, I grabbed the opportunity to earn on my own through campus placements. I always believed moving out from my parent’s place has been a turning point in my life but it would always be the opportunity that I grabbed to move to a new company from my first job. In the meanwhile, in my day-to-day life I was travelling alone, buying groceries, was house hunting and many more which I never imagined, not even in my sixth sense. And all these domestic challenges of mine were calmed by hobbies such as writing, reading and definitely watching Youtube. So now that I finally started blogging, I found some courage to write about my life, not in details but atleast some of it that I would like to share. I consider reading newspapers, books, etc and writing your thoughts down in a paper opens up your mind in many ways. You start looking at things differently and in a more open perspective. You can have varied opinions and most importantly you can actually feel ‘intellectual’ which none of those school books can ever give. I only wish now to pass my thoughts through my blogs about how a middle class girl from a small city can keep an open mind to all the happenings in life and get exposed to various life events.

This is it from my side. I will always hope to encourage and motivate everyone reading my blogs. Keep following and keep spreading the awareness 🙂 !

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