Let’s talk food[Part-2]: My August Discovery of Bangalore Restaurants

Food has always been and will always be one of my core area of interest. I am always excited to try new cuisine at different places and what excites me more is when there’s a new cuisine at a place I have never visited. Last week, I tried few different places at Bangalore and thought of blogging about those places straight downright here.

Bangalore is in progress of evolving into a city of multi-cultured ambience because of the large number of people from various other states, gathering here for employment and the opportunities offered. It is quite unexpected to see few places in the city where the owner of the restaurants are trying to capture this multi-cultural values into their dishes and I truly appreciate that. Food can be a means to unite various individuals into a single group. This high-tech city is now filled with varieties of cafes, restaurants, hangout zones and more such interactive places where food is the main centre of attraction and I was able to get my hands on few of these.

  1. First happy-to-tummy discovery of mine is the Chickpet Donne Biriyani which I visited during my shopping spree at Commercial Street, Bangalore. This place is on the lane parallel to the mosque road, so it’s quite easy to find. Donne Biriyani is very famous in Bangalore, which means biriyani in large/small sized cups or bowl. Also it’s quite different than your regular biriyani because of the simple taste and no masala flavour. I tried chicken kebabs, which again was different in taste because of the spices which was used to fry. Then I ordered a chicken biriyani which was accompanied with some raita(curd) and salan(the curry). I would definitely suggest to try this restaurant if you’re anywhere near Churchgate or MG road or nearby.

2. My second most liked place is Qissa Khawani at Churchgate, Bangalore. If you’re aware of the BookHive or the Blossom book store, then this place won’t be any difficult to find. People travelling in metro can get down the metro station at MG road and at the backside of the station, take a right. Actually this is my second visit to the place, but since most of the people haven’t tried this place yet and also I didn’t start my blog during my first visit, so I thought of mentioning it :). On my first visit, the menu was quite different, i.e, the traditional North Indian cuisine but this time it was completely changed to Lucknowi cuisine with limited set of options in the menu. We ordered some mutton keema, mutton curry and mutton biriyani with medium sized lassi served in two different glasses. The USP of this place is it’s decor. It’s very small with 5-6 chairs, maybe they supported takeaway at the beginning, that’s my guess.

3. Lastly, ending the blog with some deserts. I think it’s one of the most interesting place and very attractive in terms of the naming and the deserts offered. It’s Kurtoskalacs located in kormangala 5th block, opposite to Jyoti Nivas college road. Everyone can get the meaning ‘Kurtoskalacs‘ or the chimney-cake and why it is named so, from google :D. Even I did my own bit of research on it. I tried banoffee ice-cream which was amazingly delicious. I would always suggest people to try this if you’re in Bangalore.

Let’s stay touched so that I can write more about this :).

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