Less Budget More Comfort

Always think to grow more with less spending. Though I cannot follow this rule at every single instance of my life, but whichever few instances I have tried, I can proudly say I have succeeded. How cool it can be when we can look good without any extra bucks spend or with our old high school pieces.

Clothes play an integral part for personality development. Instead of buying clothes for thousands, we can simply put an easy styling on low price clothes which can add a layer to anyone’s personality. Let’s pick up a basic white t-shirt, pair it up with a denim and experiment.

Knotting the t-shirt gives a QUIRKY vibe

Those high-waisted Classy Look

The Sporty Shorts Look

These were few of the styling tips to enhance your everyday clothes to new affordable-clothes-expensive-look. It is quite easy to carry around and also it creates confidence from within to try more new looks.

I will keep updating more of this on my next styling blogs, to let everyone know how it’s easy with styling to step out without any extra bucks spend 😉

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