Travel with comfort on you

It’s quite hard to choose between clothes when you’re too selective. Travelling plays an important role in identifying your style and also gives you an idea about your style sense. Recently I had a short two days trip to Mumbai on my birthday and I was really happy how I carried myself with all the less number of clothes I had with me.

Day -1: Mumbai’s weather was too humid for me to get along with the city. Since it was my first visit to the city, I didn’t want to make myself feel uncomfortable around the locals. I had my shorts on and skin tight black top. But where I went wrong was the denim jacket that I carried all along. It didn’t suit the weather but for my first visit, I was too conscious to have an exposure. Apart from that, what I would suggest is to have a pair of shorts/bell-shaped pants with white, grey or black tee as basics to any of the first day visit for a humid place like Mumbai.

Later in the evening, I had a tour of the city so I chose to go easy breezy with bell-legged pants and white slogan tee. Also sneakers are the most important thing to carry, since they are the comfortable footwear which can never go wrong. But whenever you get a pair make sure to test and feel comfortable, sometimes they are uneasy on the foot size.

Day-2: I had a realisation of the climate on the second day of the trip. So I thought of putting my shorts back on with a white basic top and my sneakers to the rescue.

Later in the evening, I pulled my stripe dress which was quite long and flowy, also I paired it up with a pair of hoops.

That’s it Folks! This is how I styled myself for the short trip. It is quite comfortable and easy to carry. Go and create your own style!

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